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Is it Dangerous?

Safety is the key word at our field. You must be careful while running in the woods, but the only way a player can be injured by playing paintball is if he or she removes their goggles during play, or if a player uses a gun in an unsafe manner. Our judges are there to make sure everyone follows the safety rules. Any infraction of the safety rules will result in immediate ejection from the field. It is always SAFETY FIRST!!!!

Does it Hurt?

That's one of -the most commonly asked questions. The answer is if you are wearing sensible clothing like a jacket, thick jumper or overalls ... then no. If you get hit by a pellet at close range on bare skin then expect a sharp shock. It might sting for a minute and leave a small welt at worst.

Who Plays Paintball?

Everyone!!! You must be 10 years old to play. Parents/guardian consent is required for players under 18 years of age. Both men and women enjoy the sport of paintball. The game is played in many different countries around the world.